PCFC – Trakhees is committed to highest standards of fair conduct, probity and accountability. To uphold that commitment, PCFC – Trakhees provides 'YOU' (our Employees, Customers, Consultants, Contractors and Sub – Contractors or any individual) with a platform named 'AMANA – Whistle blowing System' to voice your concerns where you genuinely believe that one or more of the following malpractices have occurred, is occurring, or is likely to occur across the entire realm of PCFC – Trakhees. 

Examples of malpractices (but are not limited to):

·         bribery, corruption or other forms of dishonesty;

·         a criminal offence;

·         a failure to comply with a legal obligation;

·         the endangering of an individual's health and safety;

·         damage of the environment;

·         a breach of the PCFC code of conduct;

·         fraud or financial irregularities

 Who can raise the Alarm?

The alarm can be raised by any individual believing (with facts) that they have discovered malpractice or impropriety and they should raise concerns or disclose in the public interest or 'blow the whistle'. All matters raised are reviewed by an independent investigation committee.

Anonymity and Protection

The Individual raising the concern may choose to be completely anonymous or reveal his/her identity if he/she wishes to be informed about the investigation and its outcome. PCFC – Trakhees will make every effort to ensure that you suffer no adverse repercussions from individuals under its control as a result of raising the concern/disclosure.    

How to raise the Alarm?

The following channels are available to reach 'AMANA – Whistle blowing System':

1.       Submit the form: Fill up the AMANA form Click here.

2.       Email : You can send an email directly about your concerns/disclosure to

3.       Phone: You can call the hotline during working hours at 04-4364621 and provide the concerns/disclosure directly.

4.       Drop box : You can write your concerns/disclosure by filling up the AMANA Form Amana Form - New.docx and dropping the form in the 'AMANA' drop boxes available at our main reception areas. AMANA Forms are also available near the drop boxes at our main reception areas.       

5.        Postal: You can write down your concerns/disclosure and post it to the below address:

Internal Auditor, PCFC – Trakhees P.O.Box 2001, 1st Floor Dragon Mart 1, Dubai UAE.

6.        Walk in: You can walk in to the main reception and ask to meet the Internal Auditor to personally share your concerns/disclosure.