Trakhees had 1195 inspections' campaign and 769 contraventions during 2013

14 May 2015

​According to the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees (the regulatory arm of Dubai Ports, Customs and Free Zone), about 1195 campaigns carried out in the residential areas under Trakhees authority.
Arif Obaid Al Dehail, Executive Director of Trakhees explained that the department had inspections’ campaign in residential areas located within the Special Development Zone Projects which result in 769 contraventions during 2013, with total of 1195 inspections campaign.
He added: Trakhees has daily inspection campaigns but in several areas based on specific inspections criteria and legal seizure lawsuit with each inspector.
The CEO explained that the department of community system is specialized in conducting continuous inspection campaigns to control the unauthorized and misused activities to aware the residents and users about the laws.
He also highlighted that inspections campaign usually focus in areas that are overcrowded with residents and areas where the illegal activities are practiced
Additionally, there are external agriculture fees and punishments for the illegal use of public areas. And he explained that the department has the supervision authority and rights of observing the health and safety in the units that need contraventions to promote a liveable environment and maintain the good appearance of the city.
He emphasized that purpose of these contraventions laws are to deter the owners and residents before the actual fees, not for financial reasons.   
He also pointed that the department aims to increase the awareness campaign in collaboration with co-developers and require property owners to cooperate with us to modify this issue, and urged everyone to participate in preventing the prohibited practices/activities.
Mr. Arif Al Dehail clarifies that Trakhees has signed many agreements with several governmental entities to simplify the process of licensing and transactions terminations for customers, indicating that the department offers all of licensing categories in areas that are under its authority except certain professional licensing that require the Dubai Municipality approval such as engineering consultancy and contracting.