Trakhees activates remote work system

01 Apr 2020

Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees activated the remote work system to ensure continuity of providing a total of 365 field and non-field services to its customers. The department was able to continue providing its services 100% without interruption during this period in line with government announcement to ensure safety and wellbeing of the community. Also, the department has provided all its services through its smart channels bringing the percentage of services available on smart platform to 100%.

Moreover, the department applied the remote work system initially on employees of the primary category, which included pregnant women, elderly, people of determination, and those who suffered from respiratory diseases or diseases that caused weak immunity, so that the percentage of remote work for this category reached 100% since the beginning of the crisis. The remote work permits were then extended to the remaining employees thereby increasing the percentage from 50% to100% of the employees targeted to provide all services remotely. Furthermore, the department confirmed that it has provided a set of technologies and channels of communication to employees to ensure the quality of services available to customers through its website and smart applications.