Trakhees - Launches New Website new look With a new package of smart services (To include E-272 service and a number of smart applications)

10 Mar 2016

Out of the keenness of the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees about to proceed forward with the development and the development of electronic and smart services, and within the framework of the circuit by lifting the level and quality of services within its strategy for 2016 and follow up integration and progress go hand in hand with the aspirations of smart our government in the development zones in the Emirate of Dubai.

And to reach the highest smart in different categories of service levels; it has launched its new website new look and the launch of the website of Procedure (ECN) for all staff licenses with a number of smart applications that coincide with a vision of the future licenses and with the launch of an additional number of services to bring the total to 272 service and a number of other applications that are characterized by facilitating and facilitate procedures and reduce the time to seconds.

And launched new services, chief executive of the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees HE / Arif Obeid Al Duhail "explaining that the updated website licenses and the launch of the website of Procedure (ECN) and new additional packages of smart services that will help and enable individuals and investors to complete their transactions have departments licenses all through the new web portal and smart packages very easily. as the customer service task management spend by lifting trader experience, and strengthen the culture of the pursuit of excellence and the search for innovative ways to always put the client in the first place, adding that the licenses keen to identify success factors and their application, and the use of best practices applied in the field of customer service, specially designed for it.

It underlined that smart service pack comes in the light of the application and implementation of the Strategic Plan for licenses, and to keep pace with global technological changes and the use of modern technologies in order to improve performance and simplify procedures, and to enhance the quality of services provided by various departments, and in terms of the application of e-government concepts and transformation licensing services to the electronic style,

They stressed that the draft e-licenses was accomplished in record time in the framework of the strategic plan of the department in 2016, which focused mainly on the intelligent transformation in the delivery of services to customers in line with the national agenda of the state in 2021, the strategic directions of the Emirate of Dubai, which focuses on the development of quality services and that the embodiment of the strategic plan of the government Dubai ..

Where it was launched service packages to provide the best smart solutions for companies in the field of licenses issued in addition to the dissemination of electronic payment irregularities and licensing services, stressing keenness towards a competitive raising circuit in the field of smart service provided through an innovative, multi-channels based on achieving the wishes of the customer.

The portal offers to individuals applying for service to the departments, which provides community members the time and effort to avoid standing in queues, as well as payment of service fees electronically, where the working group in charge implimented the latest IT technologies to provide intelligent service in a safe and easy to use. "