Trakhees organized a workshop for its employees to spread the culture of innovation

01 Mar 2016

The Department of  Planning and Development «licenses» Organized a workshop for its employees under the title «Innovation» and  that is from the aim of the department to translate the vision of the city of Dubai to have «Innovation» as governmental habbit, daily exercise,  and that the city should be the most innovative in the world.


   The organization of the workshop, which was held at the Sofitel Hotel in the framework of the stress that «Trakhees»  gives to support innovation, and to find the latest practices in the field of innovation, in order to develop creative ideas, in line with the department's strategy and vision of the emirate in general.

And it covered several workshop topics put forward by experts in innovation in general, and the field of sustainability and green building in particular, In which the  employees were introduced on the most prominent figures in the field of innovation and sustainability, the difference between invention and innovation, discovery, and other interesting topics in this area.


With regard to sustainability, the staff distribution groups included the energy team, and a team of water, and recycling team, and a team of consumption, where each team must mention the practices in «licenses» that are already implemented, and share them with other teams.

Then put the proposals and innovative solutions in these four areas, and discussed with other groups, in order to entrench a culture of innovation, along with the consolidation of the spirit of cooperation among employees, and take advantage of their suggestions and ideas and to determine the feasibility of their application on the ground.


He stressed Arif Obeid Al Dehail, CEO of the Department of Planning & Development «Trakhees» is keen to keep up with and implement the vision of the wise leadership related to innovation to meet future challenges.


He said a team was formed as «innovation» consists of qualified staff working on the study and application of innovation in the circuit, through the motions and workshops creative work and other practices system », pointing out that the licenses are keen to transform innovation into business culture and performance when all the staff, where the department is working to educate employees, customers, partners and educate them with the latest of what has been achieved from the trends in the field of innovation.


He added that we are seeking through workshops and brainstorming sessions to provide all means of support and motivation of the staff within the healthy work environment back on employee benefit department.