"Trakhees" organizes events and programs in the framework of the "Year of Reading" initiative

16 Feb 2016


The department of planning and development “Trakhees" organises a number of events and programs in regards to the initiatives of " year of reading 2016" which was released by HH Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom vice president , prime minister , and ruler of Dubai. Which came to represent a new step in the mission of the UAE towards making a foundation of science, Intellectual and thinking projects which the country started since its beginning .

In response to the directions of our wise leadership and the important national iniciative in founding the culture of science and knowledge. The department of planning and development "Trakhees" has launched an initiative called " My finger print on my participation" and that is with the collaboration with Abu Hanifa School in Dubai, which included a lot of school activities that aim to motivate students to read, think, and develop their intellectual skills which will lead to their scientific and cultural advancement.


In which these initiatives have encouraged students to borrow and read a number of books and stories with various subjects, and make the students capable after that to let free their imagination and register their thoughts and feelings about the books that they read. And the initiatives have stressed on the participation of the students to tell the stories that they have read and we encouraged them by giving them prises and gifts. This has helped them develop their skills and vocabulary out of normal school timing.

HE / Arif Obeid Al Duhail CEO - Trakhees has pointed out to these events and activities which we will be working on organising them during year 2016 and it will be an effective pillar in supporting the initiatives to comply with the ambitious vision and targets which was pointed to us by our wise leadership to develop the concept of reading and observation and strengthen the success story that this country is living in all fields and participate in the total development which includes society development which is one of our most important pillars.