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Ports & Maritime FAQs

Ports & Maritime FAQs

1. What is the Scope of EHS Ports & Maritime Section?

EHS Ports & Maritime Section Regulates Port Operations and Maritime Industries to Enforce Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Compliances within PCFC Jurisdiction not limited to;  

  1. Port Jebel Ali.
  2. Port Rashid.
  3. Port Hamriya.
  4. Dubai Maritime City.

2. What are the Kinds of Inspection which EHS Ports & Maritime Section Undertakes?

  1. General Ship Inspection.
  2. Ship Repair Inspection.
  3. Marine Facility Inspection.
  4. Marine Operation Approval Inspection.
  5. Container Inspection.
  6. Bunker Road Tanker Inspection.
  7. Bunker Barge Inspection.
  8. Pollution Control Inspections.

3. What are EHS Ports & Maritime Section Functions in Ports?

  1. Ports Regulators.
  2. Performing Compliance Inspections.
  3. Approving Marine Operations.
  4. Pre-qualifying Third Party Agencies.
  5. Clients Accreditation.
  6. Incident Investigation & Emergency Response.

4. How to Obtain EHS Regulations / Procedures/ Forms/Circulars/Third Party Agencies?

All Documents and Information are Available on Trakhees Website and Accessible for Downloading

Visit Trakhees Website  

Go > Environment, Health & Safety > Departments >Ports & Maritime

5. What is EHS Procedure for Prequalification of Third Party Agencies?

Refer to EHS Procedure PMP-01 "Procedure for the Prequalification of Third Party Agencies".  

6. What are EHS Approved Third Party Agencies Categories?

  1. Ship Survey Companies (General).
  2. Ship Survey Companies (Hot Work & Gas Free Certificate Issuance).
  3. Ship Repair Companies.
  4. Ship Specialized Services Companies.
  5. Diving Companies.
  6. Bunker Companies.
  7. Hazmat Companies.

7. Is there any list of EHS Approved Third Party Agencies Available?

Yes, Available on Trakhees Website  

Go > EHS > Departments >Ports & Maritime > Third Party Agencies

8. What is the Procedure for Obtaining EHS Approval for Performing Marine Operations within the Ports Limits?

Refer to EHS Procedure PMP-02 "Procedure for Obtaining Marine NOC".

9. What is the Procedure for Obtaining EHS Container Inspection Report?

Refer to EHS Procedure PMP-11 "Procedure for Issuing Container Inspection Report".

10. When EHS Container Inspection Report is Required to be Issued?

  1. Leaking Container.
  2. Auction Container.
  3. Hazardous Cargo Cross-Stuffing / De-Stuffing / Cross Pumping Operations
  4. Destruction Container
  5. Damaged Container

11. What are EHS Requirements for Dangerous Goods?

  1. EHS Regulations for Dangerous Goods PM-11.0
  2. EHS Applicable Circulars.
  3. Code of Practice for the Management of Dangerous Goods in the Emirates of Dubai.
  4. IMDG Code.

12. What are EHS Requirements for Ballast Discharge?

  1. EHS Regulation PM-10.0 "Ships Ballast Water Management".
  2. EHS Circular PM 09-2009 "Ballast Water Management.
  3. Circular ID-O/PM 05-2017 "Enforcement Of Ballast Water Management Convention (BWC)"

13. What are EHS Requirements for Conducting Drills?

EHS Circular PM 04-2013

14. What are the Restricted Cargo Entering Dubai Ports?

Cargoes which are declared restricted from Dubai Customs

15. What are the Activities Banned within Ports Limits?

    Not Limited To;

  1. Hull Cleaning.
  2. Spray Painting.
  3. Water Blasting.
  4. Grit blasting.
  5. Open Deck Washing (Except Cruise Vessels).
  6. Incineration & Air Pollution.
  7. Illegal Discharge of Oil and its Related Substances.
  8. Illegal Discharge of Noxious and its Related Substances.
  9. Discharge of Ship Generated Sewage (Untreated) into Port Waters.
  10. Discharge of Ship Generated Garbage Waster.

For More Information Refer to Restricted Activities in EHS Procedure PMP-02

16. What are the Incident Reporting Criteria for Vessels within the Port?

Shipping Agents and Masters of Vessels within Port Limits are required to Report Incidents as per IMO Resolution A.851 (20), (General Principles for Ship Reporting and Reporting Requirements including Guidelines for Reporting Incidents).

17. What are the EHS Ports & Maritime Section Contacts?

  1. Email: 
  2. Tel: +97148811881
  3. Fax: +97148871222
  4. Mobile : +971566569813 ( For Emergency Contact Only )



Inert Gas System Requirements (May-2015, file size: 44 KB, file format: PDF)
DPA-187-22-09-2003 - Hydrocarbon Emissions Control at Tanker Berths (May-2015, file size: 51 KB, file format: PDF)
DPA-186-17-09-2003 - Truck Transport Requirements (May-2015, file size: 47 KB, file format: PDF)
DPA-165-06-01 - Sub Standard Ships Rejection & Detention (May-2015, file size: 52 KB, file format: PDF)
Circular- EHS Regulations & Requirements for Bunkering of Ships (May-2015, file size: 123 KB, file format: PDF)
EHS Hotwork Safety Instruction for Ship Personnel (May-2015, file size: 68 KB, file format: PDF)