Environment, Health and Safety


Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is the Regulatory arm of Trakhees-Ports, Customs & Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) that controls, regulates and enforces rules and regulations related to all aspects of Environment, Health, Safety. Its jurisdiction is a diverse mix that includes Dubai World Business Units such as DP World, JAFZA, Techno Park, Nakheel, Limitless, Dubai Maritime City (DMC), Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Istithmar

Since its inception in the early eighties it has been at the forefront on EHS matters, providing regulatory as well as advisory services, thereby facilitating a sustainable environment that fosters health, safety and well-being without compromising growth and development. It strongly believes that the Regulations should resonate with the needs as well as priorities of the region and accordingly ensured its regulatory infrastructure has a strong local relevance besides aligning with other local, federal and international principles,

EHS comprises group of professionally driven departments such as Environment & public health, Construction safety, ports & Maritime, Operations, Green buildings and others each of which excel within their domain in terms of the regulatory and support instruments they deploy to suit the jurisdiction and the customers they serve.

Innovation and creativity have remained ingrained within the working philosophy of EHS which are well reflected in its programs and policies. Practical regulations, genuine enforcement, accreditation, HSE events, Awards, collaboration and partnerships are few of them 

Dubai has grown by leaps and bounds and so has the need for environmental protection, safety and wellbeing of community.  EHS by virtue of its astuteness and experience is well positioned to play a strong role in fulfilling this need.

EHS Director's Message


We at Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) strive to promote a sustainable framework that stimulates health and wellbeing of the stakeholders and their businesses while still being sensitive to the business development and environmental needs.

It is not an over exaggeration to state that our planet is currently witnessing a crisis of unprecedented sorts namely climate change and its dangerous repercussions on the planet if not urgently contained. These have been largely on the back of uncontrolled anthropogenic emissions through irresponsible man made activities. As EHS we have a genuine responsibility to work with conviction, commitment and dedication to mitigate climate change and protect the environment for future generations.

This has been our central focus in the process of shaping our EHS regulatory policies and we would strive to continue this path and reflect them in all our services

Our role touches the heart and soul of a diverse spread of stakeholders. It is a warm feeling and a matter of pride for all of us at EHS and you as stakeholders, to be an active part of this fantastic journey that has community development and society building as important milestones.

As always we welcome your feedback of any sort that would help us in adding more value to the health and wellbeing of the jurisdiction and the larger environment.

Engineer Madiha Salem

Director of Environment Health and Safety Department​


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