Paperless Environment


Civil Engineering Division (CED) of Dubai Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) started an initiative to establish a paperless environment, when the amount of paper that was being handled reached enormous proportions. In line with Dubai’s development, workload in CED increased manifold with a corresponding increase in “paper load”. One of the first steps CED took in this initiative was to have new computer systems in place, which would reduce the dependency on papers. Some of such systems are the following:
1- ePermit
2- eSite
3- eMap
4- eModify

Whereas these electronic products have eliminated use of paper within the department for all new development, there was a massive amount of archived information on paper that was stored in huge filing rooms. A huge organised effort was put into scanning and eventually storing them in online storage systems.

Some of the direct benefits of this initiative are:
1- Reduced office and storage spaces, which saves on rent.
2- Reduced stationary expenditure.
3- Reduced Building Permit approval time.
4- Reduced Project Documentation preparation time.

This is an initiative which contributes to our mission to save the environment.

Currently the Department is working on an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) to handle the digital archives and further improve the efficiency and speed with which the Department responds to customers needs.


The eModify Application was the recipient of the Excellence Awards by the Business Excellence Centre of Dubai World in the year 2007.