Civil Engineering Department (CED) launched eSite, an electronic service that facilitates customers’ applications for inspection services online.

eSite is designed to provide a state-of-the-art solution for the routine processes of site inspections carried out by inspectors at the Civil Engineering Department. This system provides an end-to-end solution for logging requests for inspections, accepting these requests, job allocations, field inspections, reporting and reviewing at the back office.

eSite is a hi-tech web-based system that incorporates a sophisticated work-flow engine along with database applications. The geo-spatial map data extracted from the CED’s Geographical Information System (GIS) and the schedule and inspection information is sent via GPRS to the latest PDA devices which are used by site inspectors. Similarly, the inspection data will be updated upon completion, without requiring inspectors to return to their office. Inspectors will also be equipped with portable printers which will allow them to provide hard copy reports and violation fines on the spot.

The use of latest PDA devices that are capable of retrieving accurate map images drastically reduces the turnaround time of each inspector, by minimizing actual travel time and repetitive back-office paperwork. It also reduces the time taken to search for site locations.